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Crystal Rinse 2x
Crystal Rinse 2x

Crystal Rinse 2x

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More Oxygen to help remove organic stains from your rinse.

More Citrus to help remove oil-based stains from your rinse.

More Crystallizers to keep the customer’s fabric and carpets cleaner longer.

More Surfactants to help you clean faster.

Half the Water to cut down environmental waste from packaging and shipping.

Crystal Rinse is a concentrated acid-based liquid rinse that dissolves soap and detergent residues left behind by alkaline emulsifiers and pre-sprays. It acts as a softener and will help prevent browning. It also removes urine salts, residues, and odors from contaminated areas. Through modern chemistry that was not previously available, Crystal Rinse not only rinses clean by any residue left behind (even from other detergents & dirt that is left behind after cleaning), it turns it into a crystal that can easily be vacuumed during regular maintenance. Unlike other rinses, Crystal rinse has encapsulating detergents that help the cleaner clean faster, saving valuable time. Carpets are left with substantially less residue than using water alone. Ideal for cleaning furniture, wool rugs, cotton rugs and rinsing carpet free of residue. Check for colorfastness and any adverse reaction before beginning your cleaning.

Truck-mounts use 7.5 to 13 oz per 5-gallon stock.

Portables use 1 oz per 5 gallons.

Bane-Clean users who add it directly to their freshwater tanks use 1/4 oz per gallon.

For urine, mix 2 to 1 gallon of warm water, spray and extract in 10 minutes.

pH 5-6