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This is a great company to do business with - from the girls in the front office to the team in the back, great service and you can call them and they will help you with whatever you need. Their cleaning supplies are good at a fair price. And when we needed a truck mounted steam cleaner we got the Fox 5000. Easy to use, good heat. They made the whole process nice and easy. .


I brought my Fox 5000 in for an oil change and Aureliano treated me with awesome customer service, he checked my truck mount from A to Z and is running better than new. I am glad I bought my truck mount from them, it's easy to maintain and great machine to work with.

Eloy F.

Yes, this is the best machine you can ever own. The service techs are great, they keep me making money.. I have a 2005 machine and it has never let me down!

John P.